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Rock and Roll Night Club (2012)

Mac DeMarco: I never thought I would do the music thing. Never wanted to play guitar when I was a kid, got a family full of musicians, very unappealing. I was like screw that, I'm not doing that. They're trying to put me in lessons as soon as I was old enough to walk around or whatever. So I was like nah. And then picked one up one day while my friends were playing, turned out I could do it a little bit, it was interesting.

Right around the same time I got into all the classic rock stuff you get into as a young man, and yeah, got hooked. You start off with like the one string thing. It's like, Oh hell yeah. I learned Smoke on the Water on just the low Eastern and then you learn some open chords or whatever, you learn the intro to Stairway to Heaven or something.

Mac DeMarco: For me, I wanted to learn just songs, like the concept of getting through an entirety of something, because learning rifts is one thing, I can play a little bit of a riff, whatever, you know? But if you can get through, so Beatles songs and stuff like that for me was a big thing. I think the song thing always was most important to me. And then even as time progressed and I got a little bit better, and the lessons shifted over to like, do you want to learn how to tap?

Or should we try some fusiony style? And that was the part that I was like, nah, I don't really know. You know?

And that's probably why most of my songs are still open chord, just chugging along, that kind of vibe. But in a way it was like, if you change all the tunings, and then you have no idea where to grab cords anymore. It's like you learning from scratch again. It's almost more, it's easier to come up with something you're not like, "Oh well now I could go to the fourth whatever. Mac DeMarco: Guitar is a very, it's the people's instrument.

Anybody could play guitar, you give it a couple Well, I don't want to say that, but anybody can.

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A couple chords, you're ripping, your playing Neil Young. No problem. You're rocking and rolling. If it feels the most like it's just coming out of thin air, or like you don't really understand where it came from, or anything like that with guitar playing or songwriting or whatever.

I think that, for me is like, "Ah. How did this happen? Mac DeMarco: I was probably 13, 14 but I remember being in Avenue Guitars, which is a guitar store in my hometown in Edmonton, looking over the counter and you see the pack. It's got, what is it, a Hawk or an Eagle on the front? Nice design, kind of psychedelic, you know? And I was like, "Yeah, I guess I'll get those ones. Jimi Hendrix, GP, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I was like, "Damn. Love it. Extremely hard to play, real piece of crap. But the problem with it was is that it would break strings in the middle of a show.

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I mean, I still do it on whatever I'm playing now, but I was the string breaking King for awhile, you know? So the nice thing about Ernie's, and I mean maybe other packs do this but I don't care. You lay them out, there right there. It's not some big wound up thing.

No, it's telling you exactly which one you gotta get in a pinch to slap back on. You know what I'm talking about? And for a while I became, I could change a string in like 30 seconds on the stage, plop it down, in the middle of a song sometimes. You're good to go. Mac DeMarco: I mostly play tens for the most part. I've gone through phases of using eleven's, or even when I wasn't as on top of everything and a little bit more of a broke man, I kinda, whatever I had.

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I was like, "Okay, we're playing fourteens for this show, whatever. Mac DeMarco: As a younger guy, I think it was like, I was in this mindset where it's like I couldn't possibly try to write a song until I can play as well as so-and-so, or this and that, or yada yada, yada, or until I understand this or that.

I think for me a big thing was going out to local shows in my hometown or, because we didn't get a lot of touring bands. We live in the middle of nowhere in Canada. So it was just other kids my age, and I didn't really realize what was going on until I got into high school and I started going around. These kids my age that were playing these guitars, and they didn't have fancy guitars or fancy amps or anything. Couldn't play that well, or some of them really could, but a lot of them couldn't.

Mad Demarco switches things up with his mini-album Another One

And it was an attitude thing, and people were enjoying it and it was So that was an eye opening thing to me, is like, "Oh you can just do it. Mac DeMarco: I was working at a grocery store, a lot of classic rock on the radio. One thing I always had a rule, no guitar solos, no, not cool, not cool. All of a sudden guitar solo on every song. And like the crappier the better, you know? Super simple chord progressions, as few chords as possible, keep them straight. Major, minor, maybe a dominant seventh, no problem.

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Another One - Mac DeMarco

Another One. Avocado Andrew. Chords: D, E, Ebm, Abm.

Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and Free sheet music for Piano. Made by kk3yk. Mac DeMarco tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including another one, chamber of reflection, cooking up something good, blue Another One Lyrics

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another one mac demarco chords Another one mac demarco chords
another one mac demarco chords Another one mac demarco chords

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