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Skip to main content. Launch the Address Book application on your Mac. Open the "Address Book" menu and select "Preferences. Open the "Accounts" tab and click the "On My Mac" account. Activate the check box next to "Synchronize with Google. Warning After adding the Google account to Address book, a pop-up message may warn you about potential conflicts. Qemu VLANs are numbered starting with 0, and it's possible to connect one or more devices either host side, like -net tap, or guest side, like -net nic to each VLAN, and, in particular, it's possible to connect more than 2 devices to a VLAN.

Each device in a VLAN gets all traffic received by every device in it. This model was very confusing for the user especially when a guest has more than one NIC.

How to Sync a Mac Address Book With Google Contacts

It is less confusing, it is faster because it's always pair , and it supports more parameters than old -net.. However, -net.. It is also a bit shorter and so faster to type. Create account Log in. Collect the logs before you restart the phones. To issue a problem report, users access the Problem Report Tool and provide the date and time that the problem occurred, and a description of the problem. A sample script is shown below.

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This script is provided for reference only. Cisco does not provide support for the upload script installed on a customer's server. Write a script that can handle the parameters listed above, or edit the provided sample script to suit your needs. You can also enable users to create personal directories.

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Each individual user has a personal directory, which they can access from any device. The corporate and personal directories are set up in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The Corporate Directory allows a user to look up phone numbers for coworkers. To support this feature, you must configure corporate directories. Authentication establishes user rights to access the system.

Authorization identifies the telephony resources that a user is permitted to use, such as a specific phone extension. For more information, see the documentation for your particular Cisco Unified Communications Manager release. After you complete the LDAP directory configuration, users can use the Corporate Directory service on their phone to look up users in the corporate directory.

Personal Directory consists of the following features:. Users can use these methods to access Personal Directory features:. You must provide users with a URL and sign-in information. Users can configure personal directory entries on the Cisco IP Phone. To configure a personal directory, users must have access to the following:.

To download a copy of the synchronizer to send to your users, follow these steps:. When the file download dialog box displays, select Save. Send the TabSyncInstall. To successfully synchronize the Windows address book with the Personal Address Book, all Windows address book users should be entered in the Windows address book before you perform the following procedures. Double-click the TabSyncInstall. Select Run. Select Next. Read the license agreement information, and select the I Accept.

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Choose the directory in which you want to install the application and select Next. Select Install. Select Finish. To complete the process, follow the steps in Set Up Synchronizer. If you do not have this information, contact your system administrator. To start the directory synchronization process, select Synchronize.

The Synchronization Status window provides the status of the address book synchronization. If you chose the user intervention for duplicate entries rule and you have duplicate address book entries, the Duplicate Selection window displays.

The users from your Windows address book should be listed. As the administrator, you control access to the Self Care Portal. You must also provide information to your users so that they can access the Self Care Portal. You must provide end users with the following information about the Self Care Portal:. An overview of the tasks that users can accomplish with the portal.

These settings correspond to the values that you entered when you added the user to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Ensure that the user has a password and PIN configured. Select Save. Most options display on the Self Care Portal. However, you must set the following options by using Enterprise Parameters Configuration settings in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration:. You can add custom wallpaper and ringtones to the phones. For example, you might want a wallpaper with your corporate logo.

The phone ships with three ring tones that are implemented in hardware: Sunshine, Chirp, Chirp1. Cisco Unified Communications Manager also provides a default set of additional phone ring sounds that are implemented in software as pulse code modulation PCM files. All file names are case sensitive. If you use Ringlist-wb. Create a PCM file for each custom ring one ring per file. Use a text editor to edit the Ringlist-wb.

See Custom Ring File Formats for information about how to format this file and for a sample Ringlist-wb. The Ringlist-wb. This file includes up to 50 ring types. Each ring type contains a pointer to the PCM file that is used for that ring type and the text that appears on the Ring Type menu on a phone for that ring.

The following characteristics apply to the definition names. You must include the required DisplayName and FileName for each phone ring type. DisplayName specifies the name of the custom ring for the associated PCM file that displays on the Ring Type menu of the phone.

How to determine the MAC address of My Book - Other Network Drives - WD Community

The PCM files for the rings must meet the following requirements for proper playback on the phones:. To create PCM files for custom phone rings, use any standard audio editing package that supports these file format requirements. You can provide users with a choice of background images or wallpaper for the LCD screen on their phones.

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