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Horizontally positioned ports give a wide enough berth for most over-sized USB connectors, and an LED at the top of the hub indicates connection status. Though it can be powered solely through the USB connection when on the go, you can connect the hub to the five-foot power adapter cable for a higher power output, and free your laptop from the draw on its battery. At a pocket-sized 2 ounces, this aluminum-unibody hub is as small as a candy bar.

Four USB 3. The 2 ft. USB cable connects this Anker hub to your laptop or desktop, and a velcro installation strip allows for easy attachment to any surface. The sleek white design of this Aukey USB data hub is unobtrusive and complements the look of most setups. Ten vertically oriented USB 3. The hub connects to your laptop via a detachable USB An included adapter powers the hub to prevent pulling charge from your laptop. A blue LED indicates that the hub is powered up and its two ports are ready for use.

The smaller version is incredibly light at just heavier than half an ounce, and it measures 0. It's available in black, blue, metallic blue, and red.

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The four USB 2. The larger size has four USB 3. The attached USB-C cable connects your laptop to the aluminum body of this hub, giving you access to all of its nine ports. The USB 3. This is a pricey but powerful laptop dock that doubles as a USB-C hub. Even positioned by itself on a desktop, this sturdy dock has a sleek and discrete appearance, and it's tilted upward for a comfortable typing position. The 8-foot AC adapter powers the two smart charging ports, so juicing up doesn't pull power from your laptop.

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  5. Hot-swapping is supported, meaning you can safely plug in or unplug the hub while your computer is running. Windows, Mac, and Linux computers are all supported, and it requires no software to start up. This hard-working hub can support up to 10 USB 3.

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    Each port has a dedicated power button and a blue LED to indicate if the power is on. Packing a powerful total of 13 USB ports, this hub charges tablets and phones as well as allowing you to connect card readers, mice, keyboards, headsets, and more. Twelve vertically oriented ports respond to the two buttons near the top that let you toggle the lights and power in the ports. Also many monitors already have a USB hub built into their chassis, so make sure if yours do you are not forgetting them.

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    Feb 13, PM in response to hcsitas In response to hcsitas. Thanks for the reply hcsitas! That's another interesting point to bring up: maybe I don't need a hub after all!

    Best USB-C adapters, chargers, hubs and cables for MacBook

    I really do like my wireless USB mouse and it's design, but maybe I could find a BT one that would be similar enough to switch. I suppose I could go with wifi printers, but the ones I have work so well and haven't given me any issues in all the time I've owned them that it would be hard to replace them. Feb 13, PM. Yep the BT interference is range based, you're absolutely right about that.

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    I do have my wireless mouse receiver plugged into a USB 2. I have noticed that since using the hub, I don't get the interference and the mouse works fine, so the fact that it isn't in proximity to the BT in the Mini definitely makes a difference. I have an older monitor you see. If I had one such as yours with the USB 3. The cable is to enable the monitor web cam only.

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    10 Best USB Hubs For Macs 2018

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    Answer: A: Answer: A: Either of those is fine. The disadvantage is that both only have USB 3. View answer in context. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: woodmeister50 woodmeister Feb 2, AM in response to Diogones In response to Diogones One thing to note if it is not obvious, your devices that you plug in will only operate at their designed speed, i. In addition, if the devices are HDD drives, especially most bus powered portables, they will be transferring data slower than either generation of USB 3 since the HDD itself will be the bottleneck.

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