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It works well, just a bit slow with writes. Again, maybe someone else has a review on the GB where they are seeing better writes and I have a dud This purchase was worth every dollar.

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Initially I planned to upgrade to the latest MacBoox Pro. The drive was easy to install and I have not had any issues since the upgrade. Only 11 left in stock - order soon. I am please with this drive, Ive been using it for a few months now with out any problems. I have a MacBook Pro mid and I used this to update it and also upgraded memory to 12 g ram. This works great in my MacBook and it was recognized immediately , I did a dual boot with Bootcamp to put Windows 10 on it for programs like MS Publisher which doesn't have a Mac version.

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Ive had no problems dualing booting and I recommend this as a cheap alternative to SSD drives. My machine boots up quickly but its not super fast but for me it works perfectly. I use it for graphic design mostly.

I have Sierra although I had high Sierra and it worked with that as well but I decided to downgrade back to Sierra. Only 14 left in stock - order soon. It did speed up my system somewhat..

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Was very easy to install and get it up and running in no time! It really made my laptop faster.


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This all worked out fine in the end. When I opened the computer the provided tools were correct , it looked different from the instructions-- the SSD was located in a different place. The instructions had it over by one of the fans, but it was actually in a more centrally located caddy or tray that came out with the card in it.

A difference in the actual model number or mfg date of my computer, I suppose 12 in. Retina i5, purchased March , which I could not resolve. However, I was able to find a video I think via the MCE website that had a step-by-step procedure for this configuration. I could see that the new SSD was identical in form to the old one, and it fit easily in the tray in accordance with the video instructions.

A minute job, no glitches. I had lived with GB for Though I rated it as 5 stars because the item works perfectly after the upgrade , there are some concerns with the vendor and with the product itself.

Augmenter la capacité de stockage des MacBook avec un SSD de chez OWC - Tech - Numerama

First of all, this memory module is not in one piece. I did not pay attention to it when I purchased it. The package includes the memory module with two adapters, the enclosure case with the spare screws and one screwdriver, two another screwdrivers, USB3 cables for the enclosure case, and the installation instructions.

There is no any software included. Now what was wrong: 1. The vendor Only 9 left in stock - order soon. Highly recommended!!!!

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I was hoping for, at best, to get close to my old OCZ Vertex 4's performance, but I was not expecting it to exceed its performance on practically every front! Check the included pics Assuming this drive lasts, I can wholeheartedly recommend it. The 1 TB version of our top pick provides twice the space for about twice the price. But its software is less convenient, and it lacks an indicator light.

And it comes with a solid, three-year warranty. Wirecutter has been researching and recommending solid-state drives since , and our PC team has more than 35 years of combined experience testing solid-state drives and hard drives. Portable hard drives are great for travel and for people who frequently transfer large amounts of data between computers. Portable SSDs are between 3. However, all those upsides come with a big downside: price. For the same money, you could get a 4 TB desktop hard drive or portable hard drive. If you spend most of your time working from the same desk or you need more than 4 TB of storage, get an external desktop hard drive.

We investigated the most popular portable solid-state drives on Amazon, and we scoured the websites of well-known external SSD manufacturers like Samsung, SanDisk, Western Digital, and LaCie for worthy contenders. We ran all of our tests on a Lenovo Yoga C laptop. Its PCIe solid-state drive and Thunderbolt 3 port were fast enough to avoid bottlenecking the drives we tested.

It also comes with the easiest-to-use software of the drives we tested and AES bit hardware encryption to protect your data. Using a Thunderbolt 3 port, the Samsung T5 gave us sequential read and write speeds of Every drive we tested was faster when connected to a Thunderbolt port than to a 5 Gbps port variously called USB 3. In the case of the T5, its read and write speeds when connected to a Thunderbolt 3 port were 24 percent and 12 percent faster, respectively, than when connected to a USB 3.

When plugged into a Thunderbolt 3 port, the Samsung T5 had random read and write speeds of about Since then, SSDs have dropped in price by more than half. It weighs just 1. The heaviest drive we tested was 2. You can also use it to check for software and firmware updates. Samsung includes a three-year warranty, which is standard for most solid-state drives. Since higher-capacity solid-state drives often provide slightly improved performance, we expect the 1 TB to be a little faster than the GB Samsung T5 even though we tested only the GB capacity.

Like the T5, it has extra features, such as encryption and software, that make it a better choice than the competition. It weighs 1. Although the software is easy to use, it has ads for other applications—like Plex, Upthere Home, and Acronis True Image—which makes it feel bloated.

These portable SSDs are just as fast as our top picks, but they all have at least one flaw that has kept them from being our top picks—such as a lack of encryption, a higher price, or a heavier weight.

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  • And they all have a three-year warranty. And although SanDisk does provide removable SecureAccess software—which is the only way to allow hardware encryption on the portable SSD—many people really dislike using it especially Mac owners. The Seagate lacks hardware encryption.

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