Mac mini thunderbolt display or imac

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Identify the ports on your Mac

What adapter would you use? No adapter would work; you need a motherboard with Thunderbolt, but they generally provide a pass-through and Virtu apparently. I was considering the same options. I'm going to get the lower end 27" iMac and upgrade the RAM myself. I will add a BTO Fusion drive to it when ordering.

Promise Pegasus3 R6

How about ordering with the , and upgrade to an SSD yourself? Michael Bushnell wrote: Maxed out iMac is what I'd buy. The fact that the Mini has an integrated GPU is reason enough for me not to buy it. You are compromising with your maximum performance ceiling especially on the Mac side and compactness and trading it for flexibility you could easily buy a new Mac Mini a year after that might be Haswell and better than the iMac i7. Bixmen wrote: fil wrote: If you do get the Mini, make sure to get the fusion drive.

It's possible, though "involved".

Little shelf that is out of sight, but not out of reach.

That said, I think the fusion drive fits a lot of people's use profiles very well - they have enough stuff that an SSD to hold it all is very expensive, but could benefit a lot from the speed of an SSD. Of course if you don't need much space, then SSD-only external or internal is a great solution. If you're putting a TB display on a mini, that presumably means it's going to be used as a primary desktop computer. My primary desktop computer needs to play games reasonably well. Therefore a mini with only HD graphics won't make me happy.

You Can Use Your Old iMac as a Monitor

But as a primary desktop it's not good enough. Your post assumes that the OP even wants a Windows computer, which it seems that they don't since the two options given by the OP are both Macs. It's an option if gaming is a primary use case, though.

Sure but it's not really a productive answer when someone's question is, "Mini or iMac? I think if a PC was in the running it would be mentioned. Just to repeat what someone else said in passing; if you want to do basically any sort of gaming at all, beyond very casual games, you want the discrete graphics. Even a game like Civilization V will apparently not work with the integrated Intel graphics chipset. True but if you sell that used iMac you will get some of the extra expense back.

Plus, it is quite possible you won't want to keep a display for a long period of time. Technology changes, you may wish to upgrade it as well. I will mention one thing that hasn't been talked about that might be a big plus for the Mini, portability. Mostly people don't generally look at portability for desktop computers but in some limited cases, the Mini's portability could be a great advantage. I used the portability, for a little while at least. My first one was my first Intel Mac and I used it at home and work, basically like plugging in a laptop at desktops The main reason I've kept buying them is the combination of price and reusability.

Like I wouldn't keep and iMac around as an HTPC machine for a big screen or as a server of some sort, but that's no problem for a Mac mini. Good as new with decent discounts if you can wait after the machines launch, when they're there at least. I heard there was a glut of minis on there recently but looks like all the good deals are gone again. It's a tough decision. Apple fubar'd the iMac for prosumers by killing upgradablilty. And I hesitate to buy a Thunderbolt display until it gets the new laminated iMac-style screen -- and hopefully the slim form factor as well.

And there's no telling when they upgrade the TB Display, Apple seems to take forever upgrading them. It's just a poor juncture to buy either. Quote: It's a tough decision. Because you can't swap out the harddrive? At least, not without tools or taking it into Apple and having them do it for a fee? That's the only thing I can think of that's different between the current 27 and the previous. I went through the same decision process in my last two upgrades and got the iMac both times. The discrete graphics card may be the biggest gain. And, as others have pointed out, if you're sufficiently determined you can upgrade the HD, or pay someone else to do it.

Clearly Apple has modeled people's decisions: if you want a 27" display, get the iMac. Here is Anandtech's positive review. If I were making the same decision today I might buy a Mac Mini and cheap display. Ifixit and others sell hard drive installation kits, which means you could fit a large SSD and a 2. I'm not looking for a recommendation, I already said in the OP what I would buy. I was curious what others would choose, and why they would make that choice. But just for reference, my use case is music recording.

I will definitely use them again. It was easy and they gave me more than any other competitor".

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mac mini thunderbolt display or imac Mac mini thunderbolt display or imac
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Mac mini thunderbolt display or imac

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