Early 2009 mac mini maximum ram

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On older models this is actually a very simple procedure, and if you use third-party RAM from companies such as Crucial you'll find the cost quite affordable too. Modern Macs are a different story, and there are plenty of pitfalls you need to avoid - which is why we've put together this guide. For more general advice on adding to your system's capabilities, see How to upgrade a Mac. Essentially, it's a short-lived storage space where data for processes is kept whilst you're running them.

This makes it vital to the smooth operation of your Mac. So, is it a good idea to upgrade your RAM? Well, in many instances - yes. Put simply, RAM upgrades are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get new life out of an old Mac.

And for many models, the only tool you'll need is a small screwdriver. But before you do, you might want to run through these tips about how to free up memory on your Mac.

Upgrading Memory in my Mac Mini (Early 2009) - VYAU

You could damage your Mac: There is the chance that if you don't take proper antistatic precautions which we will cover later you could damage the sensitive electronic components inside your Mac. If you work carefully and follow the instructions you should be fine, but you undertake this work at your own risk, and Macworld does not accept responsibility if you short your motherboard or suffer similar problems. You should check what affect a RAM upgrade may have on your warranty: As a general rule, RAM is deemed as a 'user serviceable' part and, as such, you won't invalidate your warranty by upgrading it.

However, in the case of many modern Macs - particularly Mac laptops - Apple might specify that the memory RAM is not removable by users and indicate that if the RAM is to be updated it should be done by an Apple Authorized Service Provider. With that in mind, it may be worth checking the manual of your Mac for the term "user-serviceable" to confirm this. Of course if your Mac is out of warranty then you have no reason to worry about invalidating anything. Without taking a look at your Mac's Activity Monitor at peak usage, it's impossible for us to say how much RAM you really need.

As a rule of thumb, 16GB is probably the most that anyone who's not into video editing or running multiple virtual machines will need. But this is for today - a better question, perhaps, would be how much will you need years from now? The basic principle behind Mac future-proofing is making your current hardware powerful enough to deal with the inevitable increase of software demands over the next few years.

And it's always better have a little more than you need rather than less. Our advice would be to always bear this in mind when you are buying a new Mac.

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There are various build-to-order options when you purchase a new Mac from Apple, and you should get as much RAM as you can afford. We'll go into more detail about how to add RAM to various Mac models below. But in summary, you can add RAM to the following Macs:.

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Before we start, it's worth mentioning that not all Macs allow for RAM to be upgraded. On some models, particularly MacBooks, the RAM is soldered on - making removal near impossible and hazardous to your computer. In these models you really want to buy as much as possible at the point of purchase to 'future proof' yourself. Theoretically it's possible to upgrade soldered RAM, but it is an extremely difficult process that can very likely result in the irreversible destruction of your Mac - and we certainly wouldn't recommend it.

Now, assuming your Mac's RAM is upgradable, there are a number of technical figures used in the description of RAM, two main pieces of information you need are the 'double data rate' variety i. DDR3 , and the frequency i.


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It can also help to know your Mac's Model Identifier i. If in doubt, ask: If you're even a little unsure before purchasing, ask your potential RAM vendor to confirm that the components in question are compatible with your Mac. That way you're covered.

An alternative method of identifying the correct type of RAM is to use Crucial's free scanner.

Capacity varies between different lines and almost all of these models actually are capable of supporting more memory than "officially" reported. Photo Credit: Apple, Inc. If you're not sure which polycarbonate Intel Mac mini model you have, these models can be most precisely identified by the model identifier in software for the purposes of upgrading the RAM. More details are provided in EveryMac.

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More specifically, if it is a polycarbonate Intel Mac mini, you should see a model identifier of either Macmini1,1 , Macmini2,1 or Macmini3,1. These models also can be externally identified via model number and EMC number , both of which are in small type on the underside of the case toward the ports. However, third-parties have discovered that the "Core 2 Duo" powered models actually can support 4 GB of memory with dual 2 GB memory modules.

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Server 2. This is the same limitation shared by the "Late " MacBook Pro models. As originally shipped, they both officially and unofficially supported 4 GB of RAM as speculated at the time due to an artificial EFI limitation rather than a true technical limitation. For those interested in serious effort, and who have the requisite technical skills, it also is possible to "hack" the Macmini1,1 to support 4 GB of RAM, but with the limitation that not all memory above 3 GB will be accessible by the system. A clever hacker sporting the moniker of " Shinso " posted a step-by-step tutorial in the Netkas forums that explains how to first upgrade the processor in these models to a Core 2 Duo and then how to upgrade the firmware to the same version as that used by the Macmini2,1.

Hi, really appreciate the post and the answers to all the comments. I am trying to decided whether to go with the 4 or 8 GB upgrade. Firmware is MM It is possible that I already ran the upgrade and forgot; also I am running Yosemite on this computer. It does appear that you have run the upgrade already! Your MacMini 3,1 will be compatible with the 8GB upgrade kit!

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If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Technical Support Team! Good to hear, because I went ahead and ordered it! Can this be due to firmware??? If you have any further questions, please contact our Technical Support Team! The pc3 is just 1. B00 SMC Version system : 1. Further update.

We are very sorry your RAM upgrade is not working. I have a Mac mini 3,1 from Is it possible to upgrade to 8gb memory, and if so can I upgrade to lion os? I would like to use it for recording music and it requires a I will order the chips along with a new dvd driver.

How to upgrade RAM in a Mac

The question is…when I look for updates nothing comes up. Where to find a free El Capitan update? And can I go from Hi Dan. Mac mini Late Processer : 2. Que1:My mac mini is slow, so How can I increase the speed?

CONFIRMED! OWC supports GB memory in Mac mini 3,1 machines

Are you saying that we can go above the memory slot RAM maximums? This has been fully tested by OWC. It has been running pretty well until I updated the OS to Yosemite. The fan keeps spinning loud. Do you have any idea about fixing this problem? Thank you very much. If you are still having this fan control problem after running these resets, please feel free to contact our Tech support team!

early 2009 mac mini maximum ram Early 2009 mac mini maximum ram
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early 2009 mac mini maximum ram Early 2009 mac mini maximum ram

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