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Then I read your reply. The external drive appeared to be working - the light came on and the file lists appeared in the Finder, but it wouldn't play the disc.

UPDATE: Where is the DVD Player app?

I realise if I'd first tried it with the mains power plugged in then I'd never have understood why it didn't work another time without the power supply. When having some difficulty with an external drive, try using a different power cord. Presto change-oh, it now works. Also Ive tried to find information on the disk drive and I cant find anywhere that tells me the drives region code! For instance, a couple years ago, my uncle got a new MBP that didn't have the CD super drive built in.

So he bought the external apple super drive. I thought, one friday when they were out at a live music thing, Hmm let's see what happens if I plug this drive into my older MBP. I plugged it in, and it would activate, but when I put the disc into the drive and let it do it's thing, nothing happened. I couldn't eject the disc, and the only way to do it was to restart the mac and hold down the eject key on the keyboard, and it would pop out the disc. The best thing I can tell you is that these drives sometimes do not work with older machines, I have no idea why, but they don't.

I told my uncle what happened, and he was like "hmm that's weird.

Maybe try buying the apple super drive and see if it works. My computer is not showing that it recognizes it anywhere.

How to force eject a disc from your Mac

I had the exact same problem as 8. I turned the drive upside down with the Apple icon underneath instead of on top. Now the top is silver in color and without any graphics or markings.

7 tips for ejecting a CD or DVD from your Mac or external drive

However, it puzzles me that even when it's working, there is nothing visible on the screen. And I can connect or disconnect the cable for the external DVD without getting any kind of prompt or error message. In fact, the software disk with the LG, "CyberLink Media Suite 10," after whirring a bit just threw up a brief message that it was set for bit Macs, and while it might work with bit Macs it was recommended to get an upgrade from the "Support" site of LG.

I should add that I have a inch iMac, from Late , with a 3.

Turning back to my computer finder screen, I noticed that the LG did not even show up there in the left Sidebar "Devices" list. Looks like zahadum might need to go back on the medication. Shutting down, gentle shake, firm words and a bit of aromatherapy would usually fix it.


External CD/DVD Drive not being recognized - Mac OS

I always assumed a loose connection in the hardware somewhere. Then just as mysteriously, the problem vanished. Hasn't occurred for over a year now. I thought that maybe a system update somewhere along the line had fixed the problem. Has anyone found a fix for this. It just started happening to me -- immediately on the installation of the new firmware update on my Intel mac pro. Actually, it was even worse - neither drive would play a DVD without stuttering, but it seems that deleting every preference I could find that even remotely had anything to do with DVDs seemed to help the playback problem - when the computer can see it at all.

I haven't got a real solution but I have the same problem on my Intel Mini. I have noticed that switching to another user account tends to make the offending disk visible.

How To Get An External DVD Drive To Work With a Mac Laptop

I would love a real solution to this issue if anyone has anything to offer? It wasn't seeing my optical drive, so it saw no need to eject anything from it. It proved far easier than I'd thought. Yes, it seems a bit drastic, but since I'd already spent several hours trying various software fixes that didn't work, this minute, guaranteed-to-work procedure was marvelous. Perhaps a completely different issue, but the story continues The replaced Optiarc failed to read or burn, but the Pioneer worked flawlessly in everything on all media.

I have spoken to Apple and they are again replacing the failed part, but they cannot guarantee the replacement won't be another Optiarc which they KNOW to have problems. As a Video Editor, my selection of hardware is based on quality and up-time stability. This was why I shelled out 15, on a MacPro with all the bells and whistles. Seems running Adobe was no different on my Windows machine versus my new experience with the Mac.

If I get an Optiarc drive again, I will just go out and buy another Pioneer and be done with Steve's smoke and mirror show I know its late to the game - but this happens often What's always worked for me is to launch Toast, set it to do a Disc Copy - it will recognize the disc in the drive either as a good or bad disc, but in either case it will allow you to click 'eject' in Toast - and the held disc ejects Lost your password?

Powered by the Parse. I restarted the Mac while pressing the mouse button down both the track pad and then a USB mouse.

Cd/dvd Drive Not Working!

I restarted again and pressed Command-O-F followed by eject cd. Restart and plug in your Superdrive and you should be good to go. What is the file we just edited? Thanks to the Luz from the blog you can once again be illuminated…. Apparently, Apple engineers had the need to test the Superdrive with non-MacBook Air computers themselves, so the driver already has an option built-in to work on officially unsupported machines!

All you need to do is enable that option, as follows:. In fact Luz provides two options, one it seems is more reliable than the other. While it seems to work fine in many cases, some users ended up with their Mac not booting any more afterwards. Is that possible? I do not want to disable my internal DVD drive.

How to fix an external disk drive that won't show up on a Mac

Thank you. The region encoding is set at a firmware level on the physical dvd device. This link seems to suggest is should work, and even a way to work around it with VLC before you buy a second DVD drive. I will try VLC, thanks so much. The point of using the FireWire enclosure is to connect it to a FireWire port for a faster connection. Maybe try copying the file to your desktop, editing that version and copying it back into the correct folder.

This finally worked! I tried every other attempt through terminal and this is the easiest but effective.

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